Jotashield Ultra Clean’s AntiDirt Technology provides the benefit of fresh clean walls for longer. This is possible with its low dirt pickup feature that prevents dirt from sticking to exterior walls. Furthermore, the formation of unsightly dirt streak marks usually found on ledges are minimised. Finally, its innovative self-cleaning feature enables stubborn dirt to be washed away with the rain.

Apart from clean walls, Jotashield Ultra Clean provides balanced protection for eight years.

Ultimately, Jotashield Ultra Clean keeps your house looking pristine for longer periods of time. This ensures that your home exterior will be kept clean, no matter the weather.

Area of use : Wall

  • Low Dirt Pickup
  • Dirt Streak-Resistant
  • Self-Cleaning
  • 8 Years Protection


Available: 1L | 5L | 15L | 20L



Sealer /Primer Coat(s) 1 coat
Application By brush, roller, airless spray or conventional spray.
Thinning Maximum 5% of water
Touch Dry / Hard Dry 30 minutes / 4 hour
Recoating Interval 2 hours
No. Of Coat(s) 2 coats
Theoretical Coverage 9 – 12 m² per liter per coat